30 Minute pilot episode available –  email me for a copy

So if  “Kitchen Confidential” was Tony’s jumping off point, my Pilot is mine.  I have self produced a 30 minute episode of “Street Food Uncovered”.  This first attempt at TV highlights two street vendors in Los Angeles, where I am from. 

Typically a travel food show episode is titled by the location, but this one should be sub-titled “Street Food Outlaws”, for the fact that it is nearly impossible for food carts in L.A. to get city permits.  Fear rules the day, and the police are constantly shutting down food carts and running them off the street.   There are hundreds of street vendors in L.A. and the citations they receive from the police are simply a cost of doing business. 

In Los Angeles the “Taco Truck” is king!  These are affectionately known as “Roach Coaches” and they are given permits to do business by the city.  They do have restrictions however, such as, they can’t park in the same spot for more then an hour.  So when a truck finds a good spot and customers get familiar with location and hours of operation, the police can sometimes run them off as well. 

I did not want to do a show about the taco trucks, because every TV food show in the streets of L.A. has already done this.  I wanted to really get down into the streets and find the best food cart around.  I wanted to find interesting characters and really get to know them and how they do this day in and day out.

Mexican food and culture rules the food cart industry in L.A. and that’s where I wanted to be.  There are parts of L.A. that are like a foreign country, where no English is spoken and food carts are all over the street, just like Mexico City.  I am very familiar with Mexico City, having just come back from a week long trip there.

Although I have no experience in TV, my partner, Randy Holland does.  I let him handle the technical stuff and it was my job to find  the best tasting street food carts that L.A. has to offer.   I think I was successful in that department, and I think Randy was successful in his department.  I, frankly, am very impressed with the way the show turned out.  

I am writing an open letter to producers, heads of networks, Agents, Hollywood types, and friends and family of anyone, anywhere who has any connection with TV, to please give me a chance. Take a look at my pilot and at the very least do a Simon Cowell on me… Tell me I suck, tell me I have no chance! 

I will never give up…I will, if I have to, continue to self produce around the world.  I’ll try anything, I’ll risk everything,  I got nothing to lose!

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