Day 63

Well, Television is a very difficult thing to break into, now I can understand how people from all over the world come to Hollywood and end up with a career as a waiter.  

Anyway, I did have some interaction with real TV people…here is how it all went down with A & E Network-

Dear Robert,

Thank you for submitting Street Food for our consideration.  We had a lot of fun watching it (and salivating), but we’ve decided it’s not the right fit for A&E IndieFilms’ programming at this time.

Thanks very much for thinking of us at A&E IndieFilms.  We admire the work you’re doing and wish you the very best of luck in finding the right partners for your project. 


#### A&E


I tried to reply to this person, but I got an automated reply that this person no longer works for A & E, so I wrote to the person who took over for her.

Hi #####,

My name is Robert Ogden,  Street Food Uncovered is my concept, thanks for your input. 


The Idea is to be a weekly series like Anthony Bourdains “No Reservations” 


I don’t think it is an Indie Film thing.  I was wondering if you could refer me to someone more in that vein- 


Thanks so much,

Robert Ogden



Her Reply


Why don’t you send it to my colleague ######


I replied with a thank you and sent this email to him-


Hi ####, My name is Robert Ogden, I was referred to you by #######. I would like to send you a copy of ” street food uncovered” for your consideration. It is a travel/food show like Anthony Bourdain or Andrew Zimmern, but focusing on street food. The concept is great food, and what it takes to make it as a street food vendor. Each week we travel to a different location. Please let me know where I should send the copy. Thanks so much, Robert



His Reply-


Hey Robert.  I just came out of a meeting where we passed on a very similar concept.   Food related programming doesn’t really fit our mandates right now, so I’m afraid this is a pass.


That said, if you want to send the DVD as an example of your work, I’m happy to take a look and perhaps down the line we’ll find something else that will work better for us.


Address is below.


Best, #####



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