Day 21

Last week very busy working my regular job…

On my last entry I stated that I need a new plan, and so I did come up with one.  I need exposure.  Radio, TV…something.

So, I entered a cooking competition for home cooks, a new reality show on a major cable network.  My application has been accepted and I will compete in a cooking competition to be aired soon.  Hopefully I will make it through all of the other applicants to be considered as a finalist.  This should get my name out there in the foodie world.  Even if I don’t make it as a finalist…I just need some TV air time, not sure if I will even get that yet, be we shall see. 

Don’t worry, I can cook!  I have been an avid home chef since I was 7 years old.  My mother taught me well and taught me to enjoy cooking. 

On other fronts, my partner Randy is sending the pilot to all the major networks…not such a great plan because they get unsolicited submissions everyday.  I have a feeling that the trash can is full of un-opened submissions.   

No…I need a pro-active approach.

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