I first fell in love with Anthony Bourdain (not in a gay way, but in an admiring way) in 2001, when I first saw an episode of  “Cooks Tour”. 

I was a Food Network junkie, watching the likes of  Emeril Lagasse,  Bobby Flay, David Rosengarten, Mario Batali, and of course Rachel Ray.  I grew up watching food TV with my mom, with many fond memories of the “Galloping Gourmet” and “Yan Can Cook”.  My mom was a home gourmet and was never afraid to try any cooking style from any culture.  She instilled in me at a very young age…”you don’t have to like it, you just have to try it” before you can say.    So we would watch these cooking shows and she would teach me and my brothers and sisters how to cook. 

One day I turn on the Food Network and as bright as a shining star I see Tony, traveling the world with his famous tag line  “I’ll try anything, I’ll risk everything, I got nothin to lose”.    I was hooked.   The Food Network was so clean and family, and now out of nowhere comes this smoking, cussing New York bad boy who never missed an opportunity to throw a jab at Rachel or Emeril.  He was living the life that I wanted to live.

I found his book, Kitchen Confidential, and read it several times through.  I love that book and I love his style! (I will use the word love, whenever referring to Tony from now on) The thing I loved about Tony was that he was not some celebrity TV star, he was a regular guy, a chef working in the trenches, and from this book he got this TV deal.   I admire anyone who has the guts to go all out to achieve their dreams.  I can just picture Tony after a long Night in the Kitchen, typing away, one finger at a time, until he finished his book.  That was not his only book by the way, he wrote several novels as well.   That’s just the way I picture it, the truth is better left to be told by him, since I have never met the man.

Now he is the King of  food/travel TV and he is still living his dream!

So now it is my turn to make my dream come true, and I must thank Anthony for all the inspiration.   I made my 30 minute pilot and I am off to try and sell myself and my show to someone, anyone who is interested in getting my show on TV.  I know it’s not going to be easy, and that is why I got the idea to blog the whole experience.

Thanks Tony…I want your job!

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