Street Food Uncovered is a new Television show that digs deep into the lives of street food vendors.  I have traveled the world eating from food stalls, street carts, tail gates of pick up trucks, and people’s front porches.

I first fell in love with street food when I was 16 years old, on a driving trip to Rosarito Beach, Mexico, I had the best tasting fish tacos I have ever had from a make shift little cart…I must have had 20 of them.

Since then wherever I go in the world, the first thing I scope out is the local street food. Street Food Uncovered is a video production documenting individual street vendors, how they actually prepare the food, build their carts, spend their day.

It is a fascinating look into a world unknown to most.

Oh, and the food…nothing tastes quite like street food.

The concept is the dream of host and executive producer Robert Ogden. Documentary film creator Randy Holland is filming, editing, and directing.


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