It’s been a while since I posted anything. 

I started this project in September of 09,  just me and my partner Randy on the street trying to live a dream.  I found some street food vendors who agreed to let me into their world, but when it came down to it…they were to afraid to really let me get close to them.  So I ended up with a 30 minute pilot that is good, but not what I really intended it to be. 


1. Randy, my partner wants to be paid for his time…understandable, but not really a partner, and I can’t afford him. 

2. My first child was born in November of 09, which is the greatest thing to ever happen to me, but bad timing for me to really pursue this thing.

3. Hollywood is impossible to break into without some real connections.

I have sent the pilot to many networks, production companies, people in the industry, etc…only receiving a couple of responses, that being “No Thanks”.  Mostly being ignored all together. 

I am the type of person to really go for something when I set my mind to it, but with my new daughter and my current business, I have not been able to do much of anything.  So what’s the plan?

The plan is to start over this summer.  I have purchased this camera

It cost about$1500, with all accessories.  I have to learn how to use it well, and then teach my 15 year old nephew how to use it, he is going to be my camera man.  He shot my little audition video and I think he can do a good job. 

I have found a few new potential subjects, and I am going to keep filming my concept until someone notices what I am up to.  I will probably post full episodes right here on my site so people can have real content to watch.  As soon as I figure out how to do that, I will post the full episode of my existing pilot. 

Dreams can take a lifetime to fulfill, and as luck would have it,  I do have a lifetime available. 

This true story is always an inspiration to me, being that I am 45 years old…

Harland Sanders created Kentucky Fried Chicken, the “finger lickin’ good” meal which became a fast-food sensation in the 1960s. Sanders was already 40 years old when he began cooking chicken for customers at his service station in Corbin, Kentucky. According to his corporate biography, “Over the next nine years, he perfected his secret blend of 11 herbs and spices and the basic cooking technique that is still used today.” Sanders became well-known in his home state, but it took another 20 years before he began franchising Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants around the country. By 1964, when he sold his stake in the company, the Colonel’s chicken was being sold in the company’s popular paper buckets at over 600 outlets nationwide. Sanders continued to appear as the company’s spokesman for more than a decade: with his white suit, string tie and cane, he had the look of a courtly Southern gentleman. His autobiography, Life As I Have Known It Has Been Finger Lickin’ Good, was published in 1974.