It is time to reveal who is MR. X.   I will crush him, this town is not big enough for the both of us, he messed with the wrong guy…he will never work in this town again, does he know who I am?  I am Robert Ogden, I make or break people…I, I …I  

This blog could just as easily be titled “I want Andrew Zimmern’s Job”.  I love his show just as much as I love Tony and his show.  I’ve been watching it since it first aired in 2007.

I sent a random email to Andrew from his web site, just as I did to hundreds of other people.  In 2 months of trying to get any interest from anyone in TV, I have received all of 2 replies.  One from Andrew Zimmern, and one from a guy named Stephen Booth  Stephen replied to me and said “Your show is really not my thing, but good luck to you.”  I thought it was kind of him reply.  Andrew however replied enthusiastically, and said he would be glad to take a look at my show.  We had a real time conversation, Blackberry to Blackberry…I said I was surprised to actually be talking to him, he was nice and I was excited!   I have not heard from him since.  I guess I just don’t understand why he bothered with me at all.   His new season premiers on April 26th on the Travel Channel, I am still a huge fan!   But, I just wish he would say something about my pilot. 

Now I just email him as if he is my imaginary friend. 

“Hey Andrew, hope you are well…I entered a cooking competition to try and gain some exposure for SFU. ”

 Talk soon, Robert Ogden

“Hi Andrew, I have a production company interested in the show, any advice?”


Also, no response from the cooking competition I entered.   Still waiting.  

The only thing we have right now is a production company in L.A. that loves the pilot, they say they want to do something with it, my partner has worked with them before on previous projects, but…NO ACTION YET, JUST TALK. 

This may take a while, but again I will sign off with…”I will never give up!”