There seems to be a common practice in Hollywood that is accepted as the “norm”.  “Sure I’d be happy to take a look, send me a copy…”  Then, completely  ignore until the gnat goes away. 

Mr. X for example…if you have been following the blog, I got an email from a prominent TV host of one of my favorite shows.  He did not have to email me, but he did, and he said he would gladly take a look at my pilot.  I told him that I have no experience in  the television industry and I thanked him very much.  I overnight-ed my pilot to him and he confirmed that he received it.  That was more than several weeks ago.  I sent him a follow up email and his response was…”I am overseas and I will watch it when I return”.  Again I thanked him.  Now, he is ignoring my emails all together.  I don’t think I am being too much of a pest…I have sent a total of 5 emails… The original one to which he replied, a few back and forth and two more with no response.  

There are only 3 reasons that he is done with me:

1. He hated me and my show

2. He loved me and my show and is threatened by the competition

3. He has not watched the DVD

I received another email from my contact at CAA…again “Sure I would be happy to watch the show”.  To be fair, I don’t know this guy very well and he didn’t volunteer to watch it until I dropped it off in his mail box at his home, but he did say he would watch it in a very nice email.  Now, when I sent him a second email…dead silence, no reply. 

Even this cooking competition that I enetered, they have contacted me 4 times…the last time was to outline the video audition.  I uploaded the video and sent an email to confirm.  Now, they ignore me all together.  I hope that they were able to watch the video audition…but I guess I will never know, unless they want me in the show. 

I guess that is how Hollywood works, if they want you they are happy to talk with you…if they don’t want you, they just ignore you until you go away.  So what do I take from all of this?  Does my show suck?  Do I suck? Do they suck? Do you suck? Does Hollywood suck? Suck me!

What have I learned so far?  I have learned that this is not going to be easy, but I already knew that.  I wish that I learned that my show is no good, I would just start over and make a new one…but I am not going to do that until I get at least some feed back from someone in the industry who has watched it. 

My motto remains the same…”I will never give up!”