The casting department of this new cooking show has contacted me, and they have informed me that I need to make an audition tape.  The tape needs to be 8-10 miutes long, and show my personality.  Oh God…a reality show!  I am going to make it this weekend, maybe I will post it on the video page…if it is not too corny!

The concept of the show is: Home cooks vs. Pro Chefs.  The home cook is supposed to have the advantage cooking their own signature dish, then the pros try to do a version of the same dish to see who makes the better dish.  Sort of a Home cook Throwdown.  

I am a very competative person by nature and I never like to lose, but I just want to get some exposure for SFU.  Not necessarily direct exposure for SFU, but I hope that I can get some pesonal exposure in the foodie TV world. 

I am thinking, what if the casting people of this show do a google search for  Robert Ogden and find this page…and they think, oh this guy is not into the competition.  Well, all I can say is…Winning this show means everything to me so I can use it as a stepping stone to making SFU a reality.  I know that this show is not the answer to my show getting the “Green Light”, but it is one small step closer.  I don’t care how long it takes, I will never give up until SFU is a real TV show!

Oh one more thing…Pilgrim TV, I am knocking on your door TODAY, no matter what…so get ready for me :)