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Day 35

There seems to be a common practice in Hollywood that is accepted as the “norm”.  “Sure I’d be happy to take a look, send me a copy…”  Then, completely  ignore until the gnat goes away. 

Mr. X for example…if you have been following the blog, I got an email from a prominent TV host of one of my favorite shows.  He did not have to email me, but he did, and he said he would gladly take a look at my pilot.  I told him that I have no experience in  the television industry and I thanked him very much.  I overnight-ed my pilot to him and he confirmed that he received it.  That was more than several weeks ago.  I sent him a follow up email and his response was…”I am overseas and I will watch it when I return”.  Again I thanked him.  Now, he is ignoring my emails all together.  I don’t think I am being too much of a pest…I have sent a total of 5 emails… The original one to which he replied, a few back and forth and two more with no response.  

There are only 3 reasons that he is done with me:

1. He hated me and my show

2. He loved me and my show and is threatened by the competition

3. He has not watched the DVD

I received another email from my contact at CAA…again “Sure I would be happy to watch the show”.  To be fair, I don’t know this guy very well and he didn’t volunteer to watch it until I dropped it off in his mail box at his home, but he did say he would watch it in a very nice email.  Now, when I sent him a second email…dead silence, no reply. 

Even this cooking competition that I enetered, they have contacted me 4 times…the last time was to outline the video audition.  I uploaded the video and sent an email to confirm.  Now, they ignore me all together.  I hope that they were able to watch the video audition…but I guess I will never know, unless they want me in the show. 

I guess that is how Hollywood works, if they want you they are happy to talk with you…if they don’t want you, they just ignore you until you go away.  So what do I take from all of this?  Does my show suck?  Do I suck? Do they suck? Do you suck? Does Hollywood suck? Suck me!

What have I learned so far?  I have learned that this is not going to be easy, but I already knew that.  I wish that I learned that my show is no good, I would just start over and make a new one…but I am not going to do that until I get at least some feed back from someone in the industry who has watched it. 

My motto remains the same…”I will never give up!”

Day 30

Alright…so I entered this home cook competition and had to submit a video audition.  It is for a new TV show,  I sent it to the casting department and now…waiting again!   Take a look at the video-

Day 28

Dammit!  My nephew and full time employee took the day off yesterday…so I had to watch the store all day.  I was all amped up to go to Pilgrim TV office, but I could not get away from work.  There seems to be some unknown force of nature keeping me away from this place.  Dare I say I will try again on Monday?

Today is home video day.  No HD film making here, just my little Digi camera with a 10 minute video built in. I have enlisted my 14 year old nephew, Dakota, as my sous chef.  I guess the TV show wants me to have 2 sous chefs, as sort of a family thing.  I will probably have my 12 year old niece be the other one, but for today just Dakota. 

Portabella Mushroom Tacos, with homemade corn tortillas and mango salsa will be the dish I am entering in the competition.  Picture your favorite Carne Asada taco, but I substitute Portabellas in place of the meat.  I prepare the mushrooms as if they were a fine piece of steak.  Why?  Because my wife duped me 17 years ago when she pretended to be a carnivore for our first 5 years of marriage.  Now, she has gone full vegetarian for the past 10 years or so, and I have to be creative in making veggie dishes that satisfy, and these tacos do!  

I challenge anyone to make a veggie taco that doesn’t leave you hangin, in fact I am challenging 3 professional chefs on this silly reality TV show.   Maybe not so silly though, there are cash prizes for the winner.  Also, I do watch all of these cooking shows all of the time and I love them.  I don’t know why I am acting like I am above a reality show?? It will be fun for sure…and I always say… “The pursuit is usually more rewarding than the thing you are pursuing”  (not going to win any literary awards for that quote, but you know what I mean…I am working with a Jr. High education over here)

Vegetarians are a huge pain in the ass!  Try going out to a fine restaurant where nothing on the menu is suitable for the Queen vegetarian, veggie soup…uh huh…no it’s made from chicken stock. “I’ll just have a side of mashed potatoes, and some steamed vegetables.”   But, out of necessity comes inspiration…sometimes even genius.  Once in a while a chef prepares something on the fly for my wife that even blows me away.  I hardly ever cook meat at home anymore, my mother is rolling over in her grave! 

So, it is Portabella tacos…Genius!

Day 27

The casting department of this new cooking show has contacted me, and they have informed me that I need to make an audition tape.  The tape needs to be 8-10 miutes long, and show my personality.  Oh God…a reality show!  I am going to make it this weekend, maybe I will post it on the video page…if it is not too corny!

The concept of the show is: Home cooks vs. Pro Chefs.  The home cook is supposed to have the advantage cooking their own signature dish, then the pros try to do a version of the same dish to see who makes the better dish.  Sort of a Home cook Throwdown.  

I am a very competative person by nature and I never like to lose, but I just want to get some exposure for SFU.  Not necessarily direct exposure for SFU, but I hope that I can get some pesonal exposure in the foodie TV world. 

I am thinking, what if the casting people of this show do a google search for  Robert Ogden and find this page…and they think, oh this guy is not into the competition.  Well, all I can say is…Winning this show means everything to me so I can use it as a stepping stone to making SFU a reality.  I know that this show is not the answer to my show getting the “Green Light”, but it is one small step closer.  I don’t care how long it takes, I will never give up until SFU is a real TV show!

Oh one more thing…Pilgrim TV, I am knocking on your door TODAY, no matter what…so get ready for me :)

Day 21

Last week very busy working my regular job…

On my last entry I stated that I need a new plan, and so I did come up with one.  I need exposure.  Radio, TV…something.

So, I entered a cooking competition for home cooks, a new reality show on a major cable network.  My application has been accepted and I will compete in a cooking competition to be aired soon.  Hopefully I will make it through all of the other applicants to be considered as a finalist.  This should get my name out there in the foodie world.  Even if I don’t make it as a finalist…I just need some TV air time, not sure if I will even get that yet, be we shall see. 

Don’t worry, I can cook!  I have been an avid home chef since I was 7 years old.  My mother taught me well and taught me to enjoy cooking. 

On other fronts, my partner Randy is sending the pilot to all the major networks…not such a great plan because they get unsolicited submissions everyday.  I have a feeling that the trash can is full of un-opened submissions.   

No…I need a pro-active approach.