So busy with work and family, no time for blogging or SFU. 

Here are my priorities:

1. Family

2. My regular Job

3. Street Food Uncovered

Anyway, not too much to report about SFU, but I did send a copy of the DVD to the attention of the president of

This company helped get the reality show “Survivor” off the ground in the first 3 seasons.  They also currently do ” Dirty Jobs” and “American Chopper” along with many others.  I sent the DVD with no note, just a Fed-Ex package to the attention of Craig Piligian. 

This is the building that I was to scared to walk into last week.  But today, I plan to walk in and ask for Craig.  No studdering, no explaining to the receptionist…”Uh, well, I wanted to see if he could help with, uh,uh…”  No.  When she asks if I have an appointment, my answer will be, I sent him a copy of my pilot, Street Food Uncovered.  I suspect  that she will say that I need to have an appointment.  I will simply ask to make one. 

That is it??  I don’t know, I am just winging it here.  I will report back what happens. 

Anyone know a spoiled son of a Hollywood Executive that I can bribe?   I will never give up!