I was watching “No Reservations” last night on my DVR…and it reminded me a lot of MY TRIP…TEN YEARS AGO, before Istanbul was cool!  Tony, I finnaly got something on you…


Also, there is a lot of talk going around the internet about how Anthony Bourdain is a “Sell Out” for doing a blatent product placement on his show using a Sapphire Chase credit card.   Here are my thoughts on the subject-

This is why Tony is still right on Target…

 Hello??!!  Who pays for television?  Advertisers! Howard Stern always says, “I’m in the advertising business” He reads live commercials all day long.  He actually made it popular again. Back when he was in competition with other radio shows, the live commercials made all the difference in his success.

 Anthony did not try to hide it, it was a live commercial…Bravo Tony.  I have not watched a commercial in years because of my beautiful DVR, you haven’t either you dumb Asses calling him a sell out. If advertisers don’t get airtime they will stop paying for your favorite shows. 

You may think I am kissing Tony’s ass because I want his job…No, I am just standing behind the man who made Food/Travel TV popular and cool.  Before him it was all boring documentary style. 

Get paid and continue to do your thing!  That is what Tony is doing, he is in the advertising business.