Hello loyal followers…

I’ve been so busy with my real job and my family that I have not done much with SFU.  But there are a few things to report.  

1.  My FED-EX package  been delivered and signed for by the mystery TV host.   I’m anxious to bug him, its been a couple of days, but I don’t want to be a pest.  Any advice on this???  Give him a week or bug the shit out of him now??

2.  I managed to locate Pilgrim TV & films on my way home yesterday.  It was about 3:30 in the afternoon and I pulled up to this highly intimidating building with a security guard posted prominently in front.  

I came up with the Idea to do this blog so that the world could follow me and my experiences as to what it takes to take chances,  and try and make my dreams come true.  So I have to be completely honest here, every step of the way.   The truth is…I chickened out.  I lost confidence and I could not get myself to walk in to this ominous looking  building and announce…”I’m Robert Ogden and this is Street Food Uncovered!”   It’s funny because my tag line in the video intro is “NO , I’M NOT AFRAID”.  But, Iwas afraid and I am a bit embarrassed to admit it.  I don’t have to write about it, I could just try again and write about that, but in a way…as I am writing this…it is helping me to overcome the fear.

I had it all planned out in my mind how I would get past the secretary, I read all the history about the company so I could impress them and let them know how serious I am about this.  I studied all the players, names, photos, bios…but the butterflies in my stomach took over and I got back in the car and drove off, cursing myself the whole way home.   I don’t know why I let myself get freaked out, they’re just people.  I guess the truth is…fear of failure. 

What now?  Pick myself up, dust myself off, shake it off and try again!  I will not give up!   I must remember things like, Abraham Lincoln had more failures in his life than successes.  And, even if I can’t bust through Pilgrim…there are hundreds of other avenues to pursue. 

I will go back to the scene of the crime, I will go inside and make myself known…and I will report back to all!