Today was a very interesting day.  I wasn’t feeling well, but headed off to work anyway early this morning. 

Here is where I stand so far…

I have completed the 30 minute pilot. It took me about 3 months to film and edit.

My partner has a contact at the A&E network, we sent her a copy-no word back from her.

I have a customer at CAA, big Hollywood agency.  He agreed to look at the pilot, but he is so busy with Oprah and Clooney that I don’t think he has time for me.  No word from him, and I don’t want to bother him.

I have sent countless emails and voice mails to many production companies with zero response.

So I have been researching local production companies and I am planning on walking in unannounced to see what happens.  I found a company in Sherman Oaks called Pilgrim Films & TV.  They produce many successful shows including Dirty Jobs.  Another one called Pietown in North Hollywood who also has many successful shows on the Food Network and HGTV.   I was in no shape to walk in today, so I went home early to be with my baby girl. 

Here is the interesting part…this afternoon I received two emails which gave me lots of hope.  The first one was from my partner Randy.  His friend, a TV writer and very tough critic, called him today and said he watched the pilot and thought we have a great product and that he is going to pass it on to his agent at William Morris who handles Reality TV.   He feels good about this. 

The second email was even more interesting.  Like I said, I sent hundreds of blind emails to anyone and everyone, and today I received my first reply.  This was from a very prominent TV host and I was shocked to see an email directly from him.  I don’t want to say who it is for now, I don’t want to blow it.  But he said he would be happy to take a look at the pilot and so I immediately put a package in FED-EX, and he will be receiving it tomorrow.   I never expected to here from this person when I sent him an email, I honestly thought that some intern somewhere would be receiving it anyway.  But the cool thing is just how warm and genuine this person is in real life, not just a phony TV guy.  Not only does this give me hope for my project, but a new found hope in people!  

Still tomorrow I will hit Pigrim TV, I need as many options as possible.