I realize that know one is reading this blog, or is even interested. 

I have decided to write this adventure as if the whole world is reading and is very interested.  Not for my own ego, but in the hope that someone will read this and be inspired.  Maybe Anthony Bourdain will read this someday and know that he has inspired me to take a chance.  Who knows, maybe from this blog I will meet Tony and I will get to tell him in person.   Today is the first day of my attempt to be become the Julie of Julie & Julia.  I guess Brad Pitt will have to play me, and Harrison Ford will be playing Tony.  I know that you’re not that much older than me Tony, I just like Harrison. 

Street Food Uncovered.  This is my dream…to travel the world, eat street food from strange lands, tell the story behind the people making the food, and get it all on film.  I also know that this is not a totally new concept or breakthrough television, I just feel that there is always room for one more. I do feel I have my own slant though.  I also need to get paid for doing this.  Not because I am greedy, but because it’s expensive!  Oh, and of course I want to be a star, but it is really more about traveling the world.

So as it turns out, filming the pilot episode was the easy part. Getting someone in Hollywood to watch it is the hard part. Getting someone to return an email or a phone message is IMPOSSIBLE!  I am going to have to change my strategy to walking in cold to production offices, or ambushing people at the closest Starbucks to some of these places. 

This blog is going to chronicle my every move…